Off Campus Radio: Fresh Air

Off Campus Radio: Fresh Air

The Off Campus Radio is focused on bringing new sounds and new waves into your ears. The first channel "Fresh Air" is a combination of House, R&B, and Hip-Hop music, some you may know, and hopefully some you don't. Sit back and draw, go get on a bike and just go, or get in your car and turn this up and roll your windows down, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy, Fresh Air on Off Campus FM.

Tori Petersen, March 2022

Photographed by Avery Hadley 

 I decided to use pictures from our shoot with Tori as we felt it does a great job of representing what we want our listeners to get out and do, go and enjoy nature, get out and explore, and do it with style. Enjoy our first mix and look forward to new stations coming in the future.

-Avery Hadley,

Chief Creative Officer

Off Campus Clothing Company

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